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How to use CIIDU


CIIDU contains informations about places in whole world. To view specific location, which can be world, continent, country, region or some place you can use two way of selection. First using drop down menues. From drop down menu first select continent, then country, etc., and on the end click GO. Second using quick search. In search box write place and click Search. This way you can only find places, like cities, and small administrative centers which are not regions or streets in cities. Small villages are also not there.

Location selection

1. Click and choose continent
2. Choose all the way to location you are interested in
3. Click GO
4. If you want quickly access place enter name here Example: 'London'
5. Click Search

Category selection

Choose category in which you are interested for selected place.


Registration is very simple. You just need e-mail. Activation is not required. To sign in you will be asked for username, not e-mail so choose carefully. Username will be also visiable on some of your published content.


Details are on other page. Details

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If you have some advices or suggestions related to our website, you can write it and send anonymously. We welcome and appreciate every advice.
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This way you are helping your neighbours and tourists in finding useful info about your place.


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